sponsorship programs

After spending time in Kenya with kids and their families, we saw that so many had potential but lacked the opportunity to be in school consistently. In the slum communities we work in, there is no free education and you can’t come to school without a uniform. So even if there was a promising student they may be in and out of school due to lack of fees. We could see they need an avenue of education if there would ever be a change in the poverty level we saw there. Through our sponsorships we offer them that avenue. We work to get them not only the basic needs and education they need but we want to walk with them in their life. Alongside our Kenyan staff we work to empower, encourage, engage and challenge the kids in our program.

Our program is extremely personal and centered around our bond as a unique family and love of Christ. It is thoughtful, personal and life changing. It is changing lives full-circle.

bfr kids

BFR Kid sponsorships are very intentional and relational and we consider them part of our blended family. In the BFR Kid program are kids ages baby class through Secondary School (high school). They are selected based on a high need criteria that is carefully vetted by our Kenyan and Stateside staff. BFR Kids are thoughtfully paired sponsors who genuinely care for the well being of the child. BFR Kids is a full-circle sponsorship covering their education, uniforms, books, shoes, everyday needs, and counseling. They are expected to be a positive, hard working student, eager to grow in their faith and future.

bfr scholars

BFR Scholars is our college-age program. Once a BFR Kid completes Secondary School (high school), their grades and conduct are reviewed for eligibility into our Scholar program. Once they enter this program we spend intentional time with them to see what they are good at and what they want for their future moving forward. Together with our Kenyan staff, we work to applying and admitting these students into universities, colleges, and trade programs. Many Scholars live in BFR housing and are trained how to stand as independent adults. We equip them with skills such as; money management & budgeting, resume building, interviewing, applying for jobs, internships and more. Our goal in BFR Scholars to equip them to stand as independent, self sufficient individuals that are contributing to their society.

Where your generosity goes

Our sponsorships go towards school fees, board and books; uniforms and shoes; everyday needs (school supplies, school trunk for secure storage with lock, shoe polish, soap, underwear, bread, sugar, etc.); emergency fund and savings (medical, housing or family emergencies or set into future education); and weekly counseling.