sponsorship programs

After spending time in the communities of Kenya, we witnessed the potential many of the children there had; however, there was a lack of the opportunity for consistent education. In the slum areas where we work, access to education is not readily available, compounded by the requirement of a uniform for school attendance. Even for promising students, financial hardships within the family often forced the children in and out of school.

Recognizing the critical need for education to break the cycle of poverty, we established our sponsorship program as a pathway to education and future opportunities. Beyond addressing their basic needs and providing access to education, our mission extends far deeper. In partnership with our dedicated Kenyan team, we strive to walk alongside these children, offering not just academic support but also discipleship, counseling, and empowerment.

Our program is not merely about providing education; it is about fostering holistic growth physically, mentally and spiritually. It is changing lives full-circle.​

bfr kids

Our BFR Kid Sponsorship is built on a foundation of genuine intention and relationships, and we consider each BFR Kid as a part of our blended BFR Family. The BFR Kid Sponsorship program cares for children in Baby Class (newborns) through Secondary School (high school). They have been selected based on a high need criteria that is carefully vetted by our Kenyan and US staff. BFR Kids are thoughtfully paired with sponsors who we trust will care for the well being of the child.

The BFR Kids program is a full-circle sponsorship providing education, uniforms, books, shoes, everyday needs, and counseling to each child. We foster a holistic approach, nurturing not only academic growth but also personal development and spiritual enrichment. We encourage our BFR Kids to embrace their role as dedicated, proactive learners, committed to both their education and their personal journey of faith. Together, we cultivate a community where positivity, hard work, and a drive for a brighter future thrive. 

bfr scholars

The BFR Scholar Sponsorship program embodies our commitment to nurturing the transition from Secondary School to adulthood for our BFR Kids. Upon completing Secondary School, BFR Kids are evaluated based on their academic performance and conduct to determine eligibility for our Scholar program. Once accepted, our BFR team conducts personalized sessions with each Scholar to explore their strengths, aspirations, and goals for the future. Collaborating closely with our Kenyan Global Team, we guide and support them through the process of applying to universities or trade programs.

Many BFR Scholars reside in BFR housing, where they receive training in essential life skills. Our goal is to equip them with skills such as financial management, resume writing, interview techniques, and job or internship applications. Our hope is to equip them with the tools necessary to thrive as independent, self-sufficient individuals that contribute meaningfully to their communities and continue the mission.

Where your generosity goes

BFR Kids and Scholars operate within a model where the sponsor’s donation is exclusively used to support that sponsor’s BFR Kid or Scholar and their needs (aside from transactional fees). Be Free Revolution is dedicated to stewarding the investment of our sponsors for the betterment and advancement of each BFR Kid or Scholar. In effort of complete transparency, we provide a breakdown of the BFR Kid/Scholar Sponsorship donation (similar to the graphic below) when a sponsor is onboarded. We view the BFR Sponsorship not only as an incredible opportunity for the BFR Kid or Scholar but also a great responsibility, and we are committed to treating it as such. It is our commitment to equip each child with the necessary tools to achieve their own success!

The BFR Kid and Scholar Sponsorship provides school fees, board, books, uniforms, shoes, everyday needs (school supplies, school trunk for secure storage with lock, shoe polish, soap, underwear, bread, sugar, etc.), emergency fund, savings (medical, housing or family emergencies or set into future education) and weekly counseling.