“When we started BFR we wanted to have an organization that put your donations to exactly where you intended them to go. We have worked extremely hard to keep this 100% model so that when you do give whether to a mission trip, BFR kids, feeding, education or to us overall you know with confidence your money is going exactly where you directed it. These kids and those we serve in Kenya are our blood, sweat and tears and I can assure you we will be good stewards of your belief in us and the impact we can make with your help!”

– Britney Christie, Co-Founder


Move Members contribute toward the hands and feet of BFR, general overhead required to run our non-profit. These funds help to keep the lights on, rent paid and keep overhead costs covered. This enables us to ensure that 100% of donations go toward the designated projects, kids or schools.

BFR Kids

Donate toward BFR Kids or Scholars, our full-circle sponsorship program. Your money toward BFR Kids is not a general donation. it goes DIRECTLY to meeting your child’s needs. We work hard, sacrifice and seek the Lord to make 100% of your donation toward your BFR Kid.

Mission Trips

Help send others to serve on mission with us! Your donation helps someone travel globally to serve others in Uganda and Kenya. Thank you for making the hands and feet that serve a possibility.