In 2011, Lacey joined a trip that Britney was leading in Kenya and on that trip that was hit squarely with deep rooted issues of poverty, rape, abuse, starvation and spiritual hunger. Coming home from that trip was the catalyst God used to forever change their hearts and the trajectory of their lives.

They got home and started BFR on Britney’s dining room table. Starting with trades to sustain the mission and the feeding program at Wings of Life School in Kibera Slum-they knew they wanted to first start with meeting that physical need and then they could move into the heart of the issues they faced.

Through the years, the mission has evolved and taken shape into a beautiful global family. Spanning from Britney and Lacey’s physical families in Memphis, to the Kenyan and Ugandan family, to The Rev family and all the staff and interns that brought in, to the new BFR Local family. God has woven BFR in the most beautiful way, much like a quilt with a variety of fabrics it is the faces of every person, family and community that they have been blessed to walk alongside.

BFR has seen hundreds of kids and families lives have been dramatically transformed and cycles of poverty broken through education, discipleship, counseling and leadership training.

We have felt the love and the miracles that come from praying together regardless of our pin on the map. We have united through hardship and trials. We have stood together as COVID wreaked havoc on the entire world. Together we worshipped a God that goes before us and reminds us each day that He is sovereign over all and that He loves us and all of our BFR Kids more than we could ever imagine” – Britney Christie, Co-Founder.

Our Mission

Our mission at BFR is to help others help themselves full circle through mobilizing mission trips, child sponsorship and spiritual formation. We are a Christ-centered organization that works to relieve hunger, empower men and women, counsel the vulnerable and teach them tools for success.