Serve on Mission

At Be Free Revolution, we serve in several slum areas and communities in Kenya and Uganda. We are Christ-centered with a holistic approach to ministry. This means that alongside providing immediate needs like food, medical care, and education, we prioritize building deep relationships with the families and communities we serve! Beyond the 2-5 trips we take annually, we empower our local Kenyan staff, who play a pivotal role in engaging with and supporting our BFR families on a day-to-day basis. 



July 3-12 :  Traditional Trip to Nairobi, Kenya

Join us on an unforgettable mission trip led by seasoned BFR Leader, Craig Gyergo. This traditional mission trip will take us into the communities of Nairobi, Kenya, where we will visit with BFR Kids and Scholars. This trip is all about forming genuine relationships and sharing moments of joy, laughter, and growth. So pack your bags and come ready to make a difference alongside Craig Gyergo and our dedicated Kenyan team!

August 15-24 :  Ignite Camp in Nairobi, Kenya

Ignite Camp is BFR’s annual camp where all of our BFR Kids and Scholars come together to laugh, play, worship and learn about God, leadership and how they have been created. This camp is a great time for family, community and growing closer in God’s Word!

November :  Jiggers Medical Trip in Western Kenya

More details to come.

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