Kibera Slum

Nairobi, Kenya

BFR works alongside students from one of the largest slums in Africa, Kibera, implementing feeding, wellness and education programs. Kibera has no formal sanitation system, no electricity in classrooms and is in constant need of repairs. We come alongside different students in various schools throughout this slum to provide them an avenue of opportunity through education.

pehucci children’s home
Ruai, Kenya

An orphanage and school in Ruai, Kenya, dedicated to providing children an education that challenges them to succeed in their situation. Majority of children in this school do not have any family at all and need consistency and encouragement. We help strengthen this area by implementing our wellness and mentor programs, serving with mission teams and sponsoring children, as needed, to a bright and successful future.

Western Kenya

Sanducia, Kenya

BFR serves in Western Kenya to help to eradicate the spread of jiggers. We host clinics, educate on how to elevate jiggers in their homes and schools while sharing the Gospel of Jesus.